Established 1991

Koko’s opened in 1991

After 30 years of business…Koko’s Pizza will be closing its doors on Australia Day 2021 (Tuesday 26th January 2021).

Why is Koko’s Pizza Closing?

Why are we closing down one of Freshwaters’ longest-standing and successful businesses?

Simple. As heartbreaking as it may be, there are 2 Reasons:

  1. George & Lina want to retire. They have been working very hard over the last 20 years, and it is time to raise the pizza paddles and sip a margarita or two. Perhaps take a trek around Australia in a little camper van with a portable mini pizza oven to make pizza in outback oz. The boys all have their own successful businesses/careers they will return to.
  2. The shop’s lease is up the end of Jan 2021, and the current shop owner has just recently sold the store to an owner/occupier.

Koko’s Pizza is an amazing business. We love our business. We love our customers and our community. ❤️

It has been our family’s lifeline for the last 20 years. It has allowed us to raise a family; provided a roof over our heads; kept the boys off the streets and taught them how to earn an honest keep; helped and provided to numerous charities and causes over the years; and… it allowed us to enjoy life.

The whole family is devastated that Koko’s will be closing, and won’t have continuity. In early 2020, we tried to find a passionate new owner/a family who can take the reigns and keep Koko’s flourishing…and we DID. In March the deal was almost done…alas, COVID-19 struck and…well…it kind of scared off the would-be buyer. An fast forward a few months, the lease is up, and the shop is on sale.

We are truly blessed to have served Freshwater for over 20 years. Most regulars we greet by name, we’ve seen them grow old; have kids; become grandparents; get married; get divorced; start new chapters – and we still serve them the same, consistently great pizza on our famous crust, with a smile, a genuine conversation, a story swapped, a joke told.

We will miss you. We will miss our staff and drivers.

We are so grateful for all your support and loyalty through the years.

We are grateful for all the relationships we’ve built over the years.

You will be a pizza of our heart forever xxx


The Koko’s (Bomoushakian Family)

#SaveKokos: Business in a box for Sale

We are making one last-ditch attempt to Save Koko’s Pizza. It has provided well for our family, and can do so for a new and passionate owner. Just because the lease is up, it doesn’t mean that the business has to be ‘up’ with it. Someone/a family has the opportunity to pick up an established business, move it close to by, apply their own twist and make it their own success.

It is a great business, with an amazing record and loyal customer base – it would be tragic to let it just go…

Koko’s won Best Take Away Northern Beaches 2019, and was a finalist in 2020

We are selling the business WITHOUT the location, to give a new owner flexibility to setup up shop in the area (there are plenty of retail spaces for lease in Freshwater )

What is included:

  • All the gear physically in the shop – basically nothing to buy, get setup and going straight away.
  • Website, Social media channels, online ordering system
  • POS system + customer database (with history of orders etc)
  • 2-3 weeks of hands-on training to get the new owners going
  • All suppliers are long term (10yr+) established suppliers
  • Accounts all setup and ready to go with: Menulog, Deliveroo, Doordash, UberEats
  • Amazing Ratings online – we love our food and we love our customers, and we give them our very best – all the time!
  • Passing on the recipe and technique to Koko’s special medium pan, crunchy, airy and light crust. This is the foundation of our pizzas, and while all pizzaiolos will say their crust is special…we feel ours is our an extra unique special one. It is renown throughout the Northern Beaches

And we’re doing this for a fire sale of $59,990.

You buy the business, find the location. We teach you.

You get going straight away. No need to build a brand. No need to find customers. Just start making pizza, and use your creativity and imagination to revitalise and make Kokos 2.0 a greater hit!

But where will the shop move to?

  • Check out all the listing in Freshwater. I know of at least 2 x stores that will be perfect, literally 100m from where we are now. (link here)
  • Dark Kitchen – there are plenty of warehouse spaces in Brookvale, where you can set up shop and do delivery to Freshwater and surrounding areas. Seriously cheap rents

Will it be hard to move the shop?

Reality check here. Nothing in life is easy.

However, moving a pizza shop is not exactly rocket science. We can’t help you with it, but we might be able to provide some guidance.

Most of the gear can be moved in 1-2 days. The biggest piece of kit is the oven, the prep bench and the cool room.

You can choose to buy some new gear if you like.

The new location will need only an exhaust outlet to vent out the hot oven air.

You can make it as simple, or as complicated as you like.

Is this a Marketing gimmick?

No. It’s genuine.

Price so cheap there must be something wrong with it?

No. We had it for sale and almost sold it for $130k at the start of the year. It is now the end of the year, the lease is up. We’re not doing this for desperation, we’re doing this because we truly want Koko’s legacy to continue. It worked for our family, and allowed us to have a good life, we’re confident it can do the same for someone else.

Is the price negotiable

No. This is crazy value for money. First come first serve, with a deposit. We anticipate this will move quickly.

The new owner should be able to cover the buyback in a couple of months. No need to discount. George and Lina can use a new campervan.

Ok – ready to check it out?

Enquiry with our broker, or come in and chat with Lina in the evening. Or email varant@kokospizza.com.au – OR check out the ad on Seek Business, and enquire directly.

Serious enquiries only. Appreciate if you have no intentions at all, please don’t reach out.

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